Alpha Centauri Game Cheats

After starting a game, press "Ctrl+K" and that 
will give you access to the Map Editor and 
Senario commands to alter game play. 

Code       Result
Y        = Reveal Map 
Shift+F1 = Create Unit 
Shift+F2 = Technological Discovery 
Shift+F3 = Switch sides/set view 
Shift+F4 = Change/set energy credits 
Shift+F5 = Change Year 
Shift+F6 = Kill Opponent 
Shift+F7 = View replay 
Shift+F8 = View Movies 
Shift+F9 = Edit Faction Diplomacy 

Click on the menu option and select scenario and 
you will get a complete listing of all cheats and 
how to access them in the game. 

See Unexplored Map
When getting ready to move a unit, hold the Left 
Mouse Button. Move the unit over the map grid. 
As it passes over each grid square, coordinates 
and distance will be displayed, along with text 
associated with landmarks and cities, even if the
square is unexplored (blacked out). 

Tip 1
If you're overwhelmed by the amount of detail, then don't be
afraid to set Terraformers on autopilot and let Governors 
handle your bases; you'll learn more quickly by watching what
the AI does than by trial and error.

Don't go "mine happy" early on. Nutrient-boosting Farms are 
far more important for city growth. Energy-producing Solar 
Collectors directly contribute to your income and research.

Tip 3
Take the time to explore with pairs of Scouts or Rovers; this 
way, when one of them stumbles across the inevitable Mindworm,
the other unit can attack it.

Tip 4
Clear fungus from the squares surrounding your base to keep 
Mindworms from moving adjacent to them and attacking in the 
same turn.

Tip 5
Create a single Skunkworks city to build a unit with new 
components as soon as they're researched. This will defray 
the prototype cost for other cities and will keep you prepared
if you suddenly have to change your production in the event 
of a war. 


Try trading ANY city to any faction (i.e. give away a 
1 city currently beeing attacked by enemies) and gain 
a 15 city (!) 

When seaformers are on automatic, they do not have to pay 
to raise the seafloor while on manual they do. 

If you go into a Pact Brother's city and support a unit from 
there, you will control it while no one must support it. 

Ever notice that when you're designing air units, sometimes 
when you give them a better armor the cost actually goes down? 
What if someone says that aircrafts don't need armor? "That's
simply not true", Hansen says. "There are a couple of 
situations where air units defend with their armor, despite 
what the rules say". 

Let's say the Gaians have this one base (not the HQ) with 3  
secret projects. Just make a new base, and trade the size 1 
base for her size 14 base with those secret projects! Sound 
too good to be true? Hansen has some reassurance for the 
critics. "Everytime I have offered to trade base for base, 
the leader agrees without getting mad. Not only have I used 
this to get all the secret projects I've missed ([all the 
while] hoping they don't build them in HQ), I've used this 
method to completely bring down empires in peacetime. Just 
build a random colony in the middle of nowhere, and trade 
it for an ally's size 15 base. 

Advanced Users Only

A way to get energy credits with out the 
phrase "CHEATED" coming up on the score: 

Edit at these offsets 
Gaians       - 2608 
Hive         - 46c4 
University   - 6780 
Morganites   - 883c 
Spartans     - a8f8 
Believers    - c9b4 
Peasekeepers - ea70 

change example
offset  6780    0a00 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000  
Change 0a = 10  to  4042 0f = 1,000,000. 
Use the base converter with the program set to Intel,
unasserted long to get the proper hex format.

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