Area 51 Game Cheats

Some Help:
debug options.sav
E 124 FF
E 128 FF
E 12C FF
E 130 FF

Unlimited lives:
goto the dos prompt
change into the area 51 directory

debug options.sav
E 124 FF
E 128 FF
E 12C FF
E 130 FF

This will get you about 255 lives, 255 continues and 255 health points.

To play as an alien Kronn Hunter, you must shoot *only* the first three
STAAR Team members you see on the Front Tarmac (Wave 1), as
you start the game. Don't shoot anything else!
You will be restored to your starting number of lives, and you can play the
entire game (including secret rooms), and even get *two* unique storylines
at the end of the game (one mission failure, the other victory).
The powerups and stat plates are all different, too.

Kronn mode, if you can handle it, is the highest possible scoring mode in
Area 51. At each update stage, you will receive an additional 20,000
point bonus. It will also put up a green alien symbol on the high score
screen if you make it.

Location of Bonus Rooms in order of how they appear in the game.

To activate, shoot all the windows on the outside of Hanger 18.
Two windows can only be shot when the screen is scrolling to
the right, past the hanger.

When you enter Hanger 18 shoot as many of the windows above
you to the right as you can. Later when you get on the fork lift, you
have to shoot the windows when it scrolls right. Then shoot any
window left seen. When the screen scrolls back left, point at the
remaining windows and shoot them when the screen completes scrolling.

Shoot the three blue lights when the first missile guy is shooting at you.
One is in the upper left corner; the other two you shoot after you go
around the capsized truck. They are on the right side of the screen and
you can only shoot them when the screen is scrolling.
You get another chance after the Stat's screen when the screen scrolls
to the right.

Just after you get the power up shoot all the windows along the far wall.
Shoot all the windows as you walk along to the right.

While you are on the fork lift, shoot all the barrels (every last
one of them).

When you are in the jeep at the first stop, shoot all the cockpits'
on the F-15 planes. Shoot a total of 3. Then the windshield on the big C-5

When you are in the first hallway in the ADMIT building. Shoot all three
lights and the EXIT sign.

Shoot all two Picture Frames on the 1st and 2nd desktops. Then
shoot the two name plates on the doors of the offices including
the General's Office.

Shoot all the paintings on the walls of the ADMIT building.
There is one in the 2nd General's Office.

On the first screen in the control room, shoot all of the
computer screens. A total of 13 in all.

When you get to the guys throwing barrels, shoot all the
stationary barrels.

When the under ground explosive room appears, shoot all visible explosives.

Here are some hints on getting into just a couple of the seven secret rooms
hidden in Area 51. There are fourteen separate secret rooms entries...

In the Hangar (Wave 2), shoot out the three blue "emergency" lights during
first lockdown. There is one to the left and two to the right of the red
tractor truck.
You have to get the one on the left during the quick camera pan. This will
get you
into a room where aliens are taking a latrine break. There are 36 items to
shoot in
this room; six of them are aliens.
You can score over 40,000 points by hitting everything - a major scoring
This entrance to "Head Quarters" is secret room entrance #3.

By shooting all 15 windows in the back of the hanger, players can get into
the secret
room entrance #4, "Chow Palace." This will open up into a huge power-up
feast, with
21 icons: two give shotguns; two give machine guns, and 17 give grenades.
This room
is also the only place in the game where you can see a Stage 2 alien, the
bioform between the Stage 1 zombies and the full-blown Stage 3 Kronomorph
Here the Stage 2 is happily munching on a poor human.

When you get into the Admin Building (Wave 4), shoot out the first "exit"
sign and the
first three ceiling lights right around it. This will get you into a room
where there are
disturbingly cute alien babies hidden insi de eggs. You can score over
15,000 points
in this room. This is secret room entrance #9.

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