Army Men Game Cheats

To enter these codes, bring up the options menu (press 
Escape during a mission) and type the cheat code you 
want and click on BACK. Your radio window will tell you 
if you entered the code correctly.

These codes must be typed as you see them, 
first letter capitalized and the rest in lowercase.

Succumb         - lose the scenario 
Triumph         - win the scenario 
Omnisicient     - toggle between your view and 
                  omniscient view of all troops 
Pyromancer      - toggle right button explosion 
Aeroballistics  - add full air support 
Invulnerable    - makes sarge invulnerable 
Paralysis       - Frozen enemies
Telekinetic     - teleport sarge anywhere in the world 
                  (get into scroll mode first and scroll 
                  where you want to go) 
Plethora        - full up on ammo 
Occultation     - stealth mode (sarge won't be spotted 
                  unless he shoots) 
Kahuna          - Add explosions, omniscient view, and 
Scenario Select 
At the opening menu, press A to open the first mission 
of each scenario. 

Walk on Water 
For this trick you need the INVULNERABLE cheat on. 
Stand on a bridge and do whatever you can to blow it up. 
Now you can walk on the water.

Once you step on land or a bridge you can't go back.

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