Backyard Baseball 2001 Game Cheats

Darren Sutton, Submitted the following Information:

Sweet Players!:
Now this is to get the best player in the game. 
Go start a season or a game and pick your team 
all pink and one of the Create-A-Teams. Now in 
the draft pick, pick Maria Luna and start a game. 
Her stats will raise and she will be the the best 
player in the game!

Skip opening sequence:
Press [Esc] to skip through the opening sequence. 

Play as Mr. Clanky:
Enter the clubhouse. Hold [Shift] and click on the shelf 
with the small robot. A sound will confirm correct code 
entry. You may now play as Mr. Clanky in exhibition mode. 

Oldies players:
Hold [Shift] + [Enter] + [Tab] at the clubhouse. The sound of a 
clang will confirm this part of the code. Hold C or D. The sound 
of clapping will confirm correct code entry. Players from the 
1920's through the present will now be unlocked. All these players 
will have their stats at ten. 

Skip to World Series:
Hold [Shift] and click on "Season Game". The sound of a bat will 
confirm correct code entry.

Bonus stadiums:
Hold [Caps lock] + [Shift] + [Tab] + B. The sound of laughter will 
confirm correct code entry. Stadiums such as the Space, Ancient 
Ruins, China, Underwater, and Human Body will now be unlocked. 

Special pitch:
To get a special pitch, strike out a batter when you are pitching. 

Aluminum power:
Win the season two times to unlock aluminum power for the entire 
season or 100 batters.

Easy homerun:
Hit a ball on a fly out of view in left or right field in fair 
territory in any stadium, and it will be counted as a homerun.

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