Backyard Football 2004 Game Cheats

Submitted by: conner54 
Unlock Players:
Enter REELSTARZ as a coach name to unlock new players such as Randy 
Moss and Terrel Owens. 

Perfect Player:
Enter THOR HERRINGTON as a name when creating a player in season play. 
Enter 03/01 or March 1st as a birthday, throws right, and he will have 
all perfect skills. 

Tons of sacks:
Submitted by: Rico#3

get Brian Urlacher, and then whoever else. Put him at DL, and when on 
defense use the play four drop. Take control of Brian before the snap, 
and blitz right on by the OL for a sack. Trust me, you will get a sack 
on a passing play 90% of the time. 

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