Cabela's Big Game Hunter Game Cheats

Animal Calls 
Use the same animal call three times back to back
and the animal you called will appear somewhere 
in the hunting area. 

Easy Kill 
To get an easy kill just sit there until your hunter 
friend says something like "did you hear something 
in the bushes" then wait 5 minutes and a little cross
thing should come up and you should be able to shoot 
the animal you are hunting. 

Free Equipment 
Start a new game, go to the outfitter and select your 
equipment. Now go to the menu and save your equipment. 
Start another new game and buy your tags. When you get 
to the field, go to the menu, choose LOAD EQUIPMENT and 
choose the items you saved. 

Quick Kill 
Go to your hunting spot. Use the correct animal call a 
couple of times until you here your modem make a loading
noise, (like something is loading on your computer). 
Now call again. Look around and see if the crosshairs 
appear. Repeat until you kill an animal.

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