Close Combat 3 - The Russian Front Game Cheats

1. Save the game for example "Blitz Krieg" and 
   make a backup of the original savegame
2. Search and locate the player name in the 
   savegame with hex editor
3. Locate 1 Line above the player name
4. Go to the  5th row which is contianing 
   example 6600
5. Modfy the field for example to AA09
6. Save the savegame and load it with Close 
   Combat 3
7. Then you will have a new requisitions points 
   remaining amount of: 24056 instead of 102.


Tip 1
When playing against the computer, enemy units will 
always come toward you. To win nearly any scenario, 
hunker down and set up a defensive zone. 

Tip 2
Remember that it's just as effective to break the 
enemy's morale as it is to kill him; suppression can 
be just as effective as direct hits, so don't be 
afraid to fire at an area rather than a unit.

Tip 3
Putting a tank just behind the crest of a hill will 
give it the "hull down" advantage; this way, its 
turret can see over the hill to fire at targets, but
its hull is shielded from attacks. 

Submitted by: adn

to win all battles press the ctrl+f7 the star and the curcor 
will change to a the boot over any soldier or tank and click. 
the thing will be destroyed.*works only in debug mode.
to get 30000 requision pts,type msdos and open the game dir and type 
dedug-the exe file and change the data ff79 into ff30.

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