Combat Game Cheats

Submitted by: nightraider

Start game, goto console (hit tilde) and type 
"MLPDEV" to toggle cheatmode. 

Use the following keys in-game: 

Code        Result
SHIFT + G - Toggle God Mode 
SHIFT + V - Toggle Invisibility 
SHIFT + B - Toggle Enemy Brain 
SHIFT + ] - Switch Tagged Enemy 
SHIFT + K - Selfdestruct 
TAB       - Switch Game Info 

Use the following cheat codes in console: 

Code                Result
ADDLIVES [number] - Add [number] Lives 
HEALTH            - Restore Health 
ENEMYSPAWN        - Toggle Enemy Spawn 
OPENSESAME        - Toggle Master Key 
MAP END           - Goto End Sequence 
MAP [mapname]     - see below for list of maps 
Load [mapname]    - see below for list of maps
NEXT              - Goto Next Level 
RESTART           - Restart Level 
NAME              - Display Current Level Name 
DIR               - (Show Levels In Directory) 
HELP              - (Show Help For Basic Cheat Commands) 
List of mapnames to use with the MAP command: 

TU01, TU02, TU03, TU04 
LV01, LV02, LV03, LV04, LV05, LV06, LV07, LV08, LV09, LV10 
LV11, LV12, LV13, LV14, LV15, LV16, LV17, LV18, LV19, LV20 
LV21, LV22, LV23, LV24, LV25, LV26, LV27, LV28, LV29, LV30 
LV31 MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, MP5, MP6, MP7, MP8, SC01, SC02, 
SC03 BG1, BG2, BG3, BG4, BG5, BG6, BG7, END 

Use the "MAP END" cheat in console and you will land at 
the End screen, let the credits finish scrolling without 
hitting Escape and after the "Game Over" screen all levels 
are unlocked.

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