Damage Incorporated Game Cheats

During Game play hold in Ctrl while entering a 
Code below. 
If you do it right you will hear glass break. 

Codes       Function
atheist    - God Mode 
arm        - Gives you full armor 
hell       - Gives you full heath 
phish      - Canges field view 
blue       - Map shows locations 
godeye     - Map reveals all locations of enemy (green dots) 
             and objects (white dots) 
asd        - Super jump 
woo        - Gives you two pistols and all the ammo 
freedom    - Gives you two shoot guns and all the ammo 
xse        - Gives you an m16 and all the ammo 
axes       - Gives you all access cards 
medic      - Gives your squad members full heath 
chat       - Makes squad members talk 
nimrod     - Makes squad member rebel against you 
aslag      - Gives you all weapons and ammo and full heath 
oxy        - Gives you full oxygen 
vomit      - Changes field view to 170 degree view 
acid       - Gives you infrared vision 
klatu      - Freezes all enemies 
ksa        - Kills squad member 1 
ksb        - Kills squad member 2 
ksc        - Kills squad member 3 
ksd        - Kills squad member 4 
horse      - Gives you all grenades 
deth       - Gives you rocket gun with ammo 
tozt       - Gives you a flamethrower 
vent       - Gives you a two machine gun with ammo 
thrill     - Gives all members all weapons 
hdcs       - Makes members go wild 
phnx       - Gives members full heath 
qed        - Complete mission objetive 
ext        - Makes area extraction zone 
soia       - Skip missions 

Level Select: 
Hold CTRL+ALT at the main menu to access 
the level select screen. Click on the arrow 
to choose your starting level. 

Suicide Missions: 
Hold ALT-M at the main menu.

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