Egypt 2 - The Helipolis Prophecy Game Cheats


Tifet awakens to a knocking at her door. 

Walk forward and turn to the right. Click on the 
door to open it.

A messenger has arrived from Heliopolis. He brings 
Tifet news from her adoptive father Chief Physician 
Djehouty. Djehouty is ill, and asks that Tifet come 
home immediately.

Tifet muses that her father must be very ill to send 
such a message. She vows to leave for Heliopolis 
immediately. First, she must take a few items.

Turn around back into the room. Go towards the bench 
and take the Book of Remedies. Just to the right of 
the book is some eye ointment - take it. Place both 
items in your inventory. 

Exit the house to begin the voyage over the desert 
sands, taking you to the city of Heliopolis. 

Heliopolis - The Neighborhood

Go forward three times. Idi, Tifet's old neighbor 
approaches and gives you directions to Tifet's childhood 
home. He gives you a map of Heliopolis. Place it in 

(Insert Tifet's neighbor Idi)

Turn back right and go forward twice. Turn right, go 
forward four times, turn slightly left and click on 
the yellow door to approach it. Click once more on the 
door to open it. Go inside the courtyard of Tifet's 
childhood home.

Djehouty's House

Walk forward across the courtyard to the door. Once 
you click on the door of the house, a cut-scene will 
begin, showing Tifet running up the stairs to the 
terrace (which is where you regain control). 


Walk towards the figure (Djehouty) at the other end of 
the courtyard. As you approach Djehouty, Tifet speaks 
to him about his illness. She insists on examining him, 
even though he says there is no cure for what ails him. 

You have the opportunity to examine Djehouty. The word 
examine appears on the bottom left of your computer 
screen. Click on the word so that is highlighted. 
After a pause, the results of the examination will 
appear on your screen. Exit the view and speak to 
Djehouty again. 

Tifet tells him that she is going to search for an 
answer in the Temple Library. Djehouty responds that 
the Medical Papyrus' are in the alcoves to the left 
upon entering the library. 

Exit the terrace via the open doorway. Go through the 
dark main floor room to the lightened doorway. Exit 
the house. Go through the courtyard to the street. 

Turn left and go forward twice (towards the two men). 
Your cursor will change to a map icon. Click in that 
direction. The map will appear on your screen. Select 
the Temple of Re on your map.

Continue forward in the game until you reach the puzzle 
described below:

Drum Puzzle - The object to this challenge is to play well 
enough with the other musicians to make the dancing girl 
dance to the music. If she walks closer to the girl with 
the tambourine, she likes the rhythm you are playing. 
If she walks further away from the girl with the tambourine, 
you are doing something wrong and should change your timing. 
If you are unsuccessful mastering the beat, the game will 
eventually help you out by lighting up the drum you are 
supposed to hit. The drum pattern is a total of 5 drum beats 
in length before it is repeated.

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