Eradicator Game Cheats

Cheat Codes for Commercial Version 

Enter these codes while 
you're playing. 

Code         Effect
ragamuffin   Invincibility
arms         All Ammo
gift         All Items
dig          Toggle Clipping 
overdrive    Microchip Power
gobbet       Suicide 
sputnik      Fill In Automap
amobject     Shown Objects on Map
vici         Finish Current Level
bload        Level Select
aimove       Stop Enemy A.I.
frame        Display Framerate
fmk          Full Health
ouch         Hurt Yourself
grav         Lower Gravity
blub         Toggle Slow-Motion
guns         Take Away Ammo
dunhour      Kill All Enemies
poed         No Gravity At All
oreilly      Give Radar Tracker
76trumbos    Display Sound Efects
gps          Display Location
\            Repeat Last Cheat

Cheat Codes for Shareware Version 
Type these codes while playing a single-player game. 
Please note that these only work on the shareware 
version. Don't try them with the commercial release. 

fushipi      Invincibility
guns         All ammo

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