F-A-18E Super Hornet Game Cheats

Be sure to adjust the contrast and color of your HUD 
(Head Up Display) to ensure that it can be read 
against the surrounding terrain and weather conditions 
before you take off. There is no hot key to do this once 
you're airborne, and the cumbersome mouse-actuated dials 
can be difficult to adjust in the heat of battle. 

Take plenty of wingmen with you for each combat mission. 
The game will often throw a ton of enemy aircraft at you, 
and you'll need all of the air-to-air missiles you can 
muster to keep them off your back while ingressing to 
your target. 

Fill up those tanks! The default fuel loads for most 
missions don't offer enough reserve to handle the 
inevitable gas-guzzling turn-and-burn dogfights you will 
experience, so you may end up hitting bingo fuel before 
you ever reach your primary target. 

The 3D Virtual Cockpit (F2 key) is disabled by default. 
You must uncheck the appropriate (and well-hidden) box 
in Super Hornet's configuration menu first in order to 
actuate it. 

Although it may feel like cheating, you would be wise to 
disable the G-LOC (G-induced Loss Of Consciousness) 
blackout effects from the configuration screen if you 
wish to have a fair fight with the enemy AI pilots. 
The unfair G-LOC advantage they have been coded with 
will prevent you from ever "getting on their six" in a 
turning dogfight unless you even the odds first.

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