F.A.Premier League Manager 2002 Game Cheats

Submitted by: Mark

Be careful when putting up all of your players skill 
level using the editor, because too much and in play 
they all get injured fast, roughly 2 a game.

Submitted by: Daniel-Shortie 
Email: Shortie145@hotmail.com

You have to open the savegame and then go to offset: 
E296F0 And change the value to "0000008074D2CA41"
To get 900,000,000.

Submitted by: Gazza

Go to game editor and there you can change any team eg 
add players or put there skill up to what you want. Change 
there cash flow or capacity of stadium then go to file and 
click export name the file then start the game and you will 
have changed evrything to want you wanted.

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