Fahrenheit Game Cheats

Submitted by: H.M. Maraj

Extra points:
After completed the game, watch all the end credits to be rewarded with 
200 bonus points. Go under the chapter menu and watch it again to get another 
200 bonus points, repeat this you can get unlimited bonus points.
Unlock all levels cheat:
Enter "J8OL14FD" as log-in name to unlock all levels and sequences.

Alternate endings: 
Deplete Lucas' sanity bar in the restaurant when the game starts. 
He will then be committed into an insane asylum. 
In the "Lost Love" level, keep drinking the alcohol under the counter in the 
kitchen, without taking the medication. After the meter is depleted, Lucas 
will commit suicide by jumping off the balcony. In the "Confession" level, get 
your meter as low as possible. While talking with Marcus, select the "Sick" and 
"Break Off" options and Lucas will turn himself in to the police. 
Deplete Carla's sanity meter and she will resign from the NYPD. 
Deplete Tyler's sanity meter. Tyler and Sam leave New York and go to Florida. 

Lucas being questioned:
If you are stuck at the point where Lucas is being questioned and do not have 
enough mental health, intentionally do it wrong a few times and you should succeed.

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