Fallout Tactics - Brotherhood of Steel Game Cheats

Submitted by: jens lohse

1000 Extra Dollars to Start: 
When you start a new game select "Create" for your character. 
Use one of your tags on traps. When you start the game you 
will have three Anti-Personal mines and a Genric Dorr Charge 
like device. After finishing the first level go to the military 
base you can sell these for just over 1000 dollars. 

30000 Ring Pulls:
When you get the random encounter "Brahmin Poker" sneak up on 
them with your best two guys. Right click on them until you 
have killed them all after this simply click on the table and 
you will find about 30000 Ring Pulls. 

Credit comments:
Hold [Shift] during the credit sequence to hear comments from 
the development team. Hold [Alt] during the credit sequence to 
see another funny feature. 

Hint: Duplication: 
Find a new town/site on the map when you travel (for example, 
Pitch Black, Merchant, Trader, Gas Station, etc.). When you 
first get there, you can look around and trade. Before you 
leave, drop everything you are caring on the ground. Leave 
with nothing, then return. Every time you return the items 
you dropped will be there. This also works with vehicles. 

When you have a random encounter, leave some of your items 
on the ground for that encounter, then leave. Return to that 
random encounter location, and you will find that your items 
are still there. Pick up all your things, leave, return, and 
your items will still be there. You can keep doing this until 
you have your fill of whatever you want. Note: This must be 
done just as you first enter the level. Otherwise you will 
not be able to return to find your items. 

Hint: Editing characters:
This cheat requires the character editor from fallout.gamestats.com. 
After installing the editor go into the entity editor section and open 
this location: \14 Degrees East\FalloutTactics\core\entities\Special\prefab. 
Open prefab1 and edit it as desired. After you are done, save the file. 
Begin a new game and your created character will take the place of max 
the first created character that you can select. 

Use this to open doors when you don't know what may be lurking 
behind them. Make sure you pick the lock or use a key on the 
door first if you have to. Lay one guy down, and move him right 
up to the door. Put another guy in the kneeling position, and move 
him behind the guy laying down. Stand a guy up and move him behind 
the guy kneeling down. Now you have three guys ready to fire through 
the doorway once you open it. Put everybody on "agressive" mode, your 
guns on burst, and use the guy laying down to open the door. anything 
in the immediate line of sight turns into a bloody mess. Raider 
bosses die quick this way. 

Extra money:
Go to the recruiter in a Brotherhood of Steel base, 
recruit team members, exit the recruit screen, take 
the armor off the new character(s), and give them to 
your squad leader. Return to the recruiter and remove 
the new recruit(s). You can then get different new 
recruits for more suits of armor. After you leave the 
recruiter, the recruits you removed will reset - 
allowing you to get their armor again. Repeat this 
until you have as many suits as you can carry and still 
walk. Go to the quartermaster and sell the armor. 
Repeat this until you have as much money as needed.

Unlimited cash:
You must have a skill of 100% of gambling. After a few 
mission or two, gamble will be available to you in the BOS. 
You can purchase whole of the shopkeeper items. Select the 
items you wanted and then click gamble until you purchases 
the goods, you need't put money on it. It prove a lot when 
you are building a squad.

Golden Cheat:
At the character menu name your character HIGHWAYMEN then on 
optinol character skill choose Doctor, First Aid, and Small 
Guns At the first level not only will you have a first aid 
doctors kit and extra stimpacks  But you will have a Scout 
Car Waiting for you at the bridge. 
Free Bartering:
When you are going to barter with some one you can get it for 
free. When you get a character to the bartering screen, put 
in something of his and DON'T put anything of yours in. Click 
the barter button over, and over again until he gives it to you.
(Note: It's best if have somebody with high bartering skills. 
Also if the object has a very high worth you'll have to click 
many many times)

Free reloads:
In turn based combat, you can get free reloads instead of 
using two action points. Keep the weapon you are using in 
one weapon slot and keep the other slot empty. When you 
need to reload the weapon, drag the weapon into the other 
slot. It will automatically reload the weapon as though you 
had dropped it from your inventory, only it will not cost 
any action points. This will enable you to fire continuously 
without spending action points on a reload.

Free Action Points:
While in turn based mode all you have to do is spend all 
but one action point then quicksave it, then quickload it. 
You will get all the action points back for the character 
and can go on doing this until combat ends.

Submitted by: slav

When your character is encumbered,point him to walk to somewhere 
you want to go and quicksave the game,then quickload the game and 
he will be running.

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