Final Fantasy 7 Game Cheats

Submitted by: DavidCondren

After your first fight with the Ultimate weapon, it will be hanging 
around the Junon area above a big lake (you must have the highwind to 
attack it). Ram into it and you will enter combat defeat it, it will 
fly away. Follow it and ram it continue to do this until it makes a 
final stand then defeat it to obtain clouds 'Ultima  Weapon' and to 
gain acces to the all ancient forest.

Submitted by: James Kelling
When you start a new game, after the intro Biggs and 
Jessie knock down 2 guards in the station before the 
firt reactor, go up to the first guard (the 1 Jessie 
kicked) face him and press [ok] twice to find 2 secret 

Submitted by: Danny
If you having difficulty beating Ruby Weapon.First
,if possible,equip a Knights Of Round with a 
HP Absorb.Equip a Phoenix with a Final Atack
(You may have the Final Atack after you won the
special battle).After then make sure you have 
HP Pluses and MP Pluses until Cloud\'s HP and MP
is full.Then,you should equip a MIME and a Hades.


After you in the battle,first,cast the Hades on
Ruby,then it will stop.Then use the Knights Of 
Round.Since second turn,just keep miming until it


Submitted by: cody

talk to the chocoboat the front of the farm and reply  waaark

At junon coast after saving Pricilla

On the boat after beating Jenova

Lying on the floor in the chocobo Jockey waiting room

In the wreckage of the Gongaga reactor

Deafeat the lost number enemy inside the shinra mansion safe

Deafeat everyone in the Pagoda in wutai

Walk to the second area in the sleeping  forest and it will be 
floating around. wait in the spot where it is first seen then tap 
the action buttonto take it do not use against fire absorbing enemies.

After the snowboarding sequence find  the hot spring and touch it 
then find the  area where you leave markers and keep to a straight 
line find the hut there and enter leave through the downward 
facing door go right find the cave and talk to the person inside 
deafeat her and the materia will fall from the sky

defeat the red dragon at the cetra shrine

Defaet the ultamate weapon a few times until it dies.A crater will 
remain.Go to the jelly object on top of the mountain and its at the 

Neo bahamut:
after geas cliff just pick it up

found while collecting the huge materia at mount condor. after 
defeating the enemies and the man sends you out to check on the 
condor egg it can be  found on the ground.

on the wreckage in the gelinka.

bahamut Zero:
collect the four huge materia store them in the obsertory then 
look closely at theblue huge materia to get the blue huge materia 
out of the rocket press these buttons at the safe press circle 
square xxto collect the key item huge materia. by cody Aaron 

Easy Chocobo races
Hold [Page Down] + [Target] while racing a Chocobo to 
slowly restore energy.

Unlimited items
This trick requires the W-Item materia. The materia is obtained 
after your party parachutes back into Midgar in Disc 3. After 
entering the subway tunnels in Sector 8, your party may walk 
away from the screen and encounter the Turks, or walk towards the 
screen to reach another subway section. Select the second choice 
and follow the subway tunnel until it ends at a dead end with the 
W-Item materia. 

Equip the materia on the character with the item to be duplicated. 
When a battle begins, select the W-Item entry on the battle menu 
and pick the item to be duplicated. Answer "OK" to confirm the 
selection and choose the person to receive the item. When selecting
the second item, choose the item to be duplicated. Answer "OK" to 
confirm the selection, but cancel before choosing a person to 
receive the item. The amount of that item should have increased 
by one. This may be repeated to increase the total number of that
item to 99.

Cast magic three times at an opponent 
Have all characters have Reflect status. Cast any attack spell on 
all three of your characters. The spell will bounce three times 
into the enemy, each with the attack power of a full spell. 

Extra money
Sell a Master level All materia to get 1.4 million Gil. Since another 
All materia will appear when the original reaches master level, there 
will be no loss in usefulness. 

Nibelheim safe combination
The combination to the safe in the old mansion in Nibelheim that 
contains the key to enter the basement (and get Vincent) is Right 36, 
Left 10, Right 59, Right 97. Note: Push the button used to talk to 
people to select each number. After opening the safe and fighting the 
monster inside, a key to the other part of the mansion and Odin summon 
materia will be found. 

Materia to beat Weapons
Use the following steps to make the battle with the Emerald and Ruby 
Weapons easier. Note: This must be done after Meteor is summoned and 
the Highwind is in your possession. 

1. Before fighting either Weapons, find and equip the Morph Matera 
before returning to the Undersea Reactor in Junon. Go through the 
sight-seeing tunnel (where the ocean can be viewed) and enter battles 
until the Ghost Ship appears. Use Morph when the enemy is low on HP to
change them into an item called "Guide Book". 
2. Leave Junon and return to Kalm. Go to the last house on the right, 
next to the bar. Go upstairs, where an old man will be encountered. 
He will explain how he wants to understand the afterlife, and ask you 
to find three items: Guide Book, Earth Harp, and Desert Rose. He will 
notice that you already have Guide Book and give you the Underwater 
3. Equip the Underwater Materia. It does not gain AP and will not 
duplicate. This Materia removes the time limit when Emerald Weapon is 
4. Defeat Emerald Weapon (a few mastered Mime and Knights of the Round 
will be helpful) to receive Earth Harp. Take it back to Kalm and give 
it to the old man to receive Master Summon (Red), Master Magic (Green), 
and Master Command (Yellow) Materia. These Materia can not level up or 
duplicate, but have all the abilities of their single counterparts. 
Master Summon grants all Summons for as long as MP are available. A 
similar effect is also used by Master Magic. Master Command is a little
difficult to work with, but is still worth it. 
5. Equip the new Materia and ram into Ruby, who is minding its own 
business in Gold Saucer. With luck, the single character Ruby allows
to stay and fight will be ready to deal with this massacre. 
6. Defeat Ruby and take Desert Rose to the man in Kalm to receive a
Gold Chocobo. You probably will already have one, as Knights Of The
Round is required for the Weapons battles. A good combo to use against
the Weapons is HP Absorb + Knights (mega damage and mega boost in HP).

Easier Ruby Weapon battle
Kill two members of your party before fighting Ruby Weapon. Have the 
Summon Phoenix materia equipped on the remaining character, then run 
into Ruby Weapon. When fighting, Ruby will only attack the live 
character, and therefore not use the Quicksand attack. Wait until the
Weapon sticks his claws in the ground. Then, use Summon Phoenix to 
attack it and revive the dead party members. All three party members 
are now available for the battle. 

How to win at Chocobo racing
During a race hold down [Page Down] + [Target] to restore 
energy (takes a while). After your party parachutes back
into Midgar, you can get the W-Item materia. Enter the 
subway tunnels in Sector 8. You can encounter the Turks,
away from the screen, or go to another subway section 
towards the screen. Go towards the screen and the new 
subway tunnel. Follow the subway tunnel until it ends at 
a dead end; here you will find the W-Item materia.Now, 
equip the materia on a character who has an item you want 
duplicated. When a battle begins, select the W-Item entry 
on the battle menu and pick the item to be duplicated. 
Answer "OK" to confirm your choice and choose who will 
get the new item. When selecting the second item, 
choose the item to be duplicated. 
Answer "OK" to confirm the selection, but cancel before
choosing a person to receive the item. You can do this 
repeatedly, to increase the number of an item up to 99.

10 Phoenix Downs and a Secret Cave 
On the way to Coral, go to the switch that you push to let 
the others go through. If you explore around that area, you
should hear birds chirping. Go up the hill where you hear it
(you might have to search to find the right spot) and pick the 
first choice you are given.

After collecting the 10 Phoenix Downs, go back down to the lower 
tracks and follow your partners. As they turn to the right, you 
need to take the left split because buried in the hill under the
tracks is a cave with an out-of-work miner. A Power Source, Mind 
Source, and Tent may be acquired within this hidden area.

Note: Your score will be lowered if you do this. It's not nice to 
disturb baby birds. 

Ancient Forest 
To get to the Ancient Forest before disc 3, simply ride up the 
hill with a black, gold or green chocobo. 

Beat the Cosmo Canyon Boss 
When you get to the Boss inside the caves at Cosmo Canyon to beat 
him all you do is use a Phoenix Down on him to kill him instantly.
Sometimes that misses so you might want to use other healing items
like X-Potion, High Potion or Potion. 

Beat the Emerald Weapon 
If your having difficulty beating Emerald Weapon and you can't get 
the Knights of the Round consider using this method.First equip  
three gravity materia, one to each character, second if possible 
equip a mime materia to each character.                         
Next to one character, equip both the W-Magic materia and quadra 
magic materia joined to the characters gravity materia. Join an all
materia to the other characters materia. Okay. Now when you go into 
battle all you do is use any level of demi on the Emerald weapon and
it automatically does 9999 HP of damage to with every hit but at the 
end his HP will lower and a couple of hits with a moderately powerful
summon spell and he's done for. Voila! 

Beat the Ruby Weapon 
For this you will need Nights Of The Round with at least 3 levels.
Phoenix summon with at least 3 levels. Shield with at least 2 levels.
Final Attack with any level. About 3 mastered HP and MP pluses (you 
might need more). 3 Enemy Skills with White Wind learned (to learn 
White Wind, go to the grassy area of Junon untill you fight a big 
green creature with wings. Manipulate it and have it use White Wind
on your party).

You also need MP and HP absorb and the MIME command. Make sure you 
do NOT have the w-item, w-magic, and w-summon materias. Give everyone 
HP pluses untill it reaches 9,999 HP. Then do the same with the MP 
pluses until it reaches 999. Equip Cloud with the Ultima Weapon and 
give him the following materia.

Combine the Nights Of The Round with the MP absorb. Give him Phoenix 
with Final Attack. Give him mime with HP absorb. Make sure that you 
only eqip these matiera on the Ultima Weapon if their mastered. Give 
him shield and enemy skill. Give your other party members the other 
enemy skills. Make sure Cloud has an accesory that will protect him 
from Frog and Small.
Before you fight Ruby, get into a battle and have Cloud kill your 
other party members. Now go after Ruby. Start off by using shield on 
Cloud. Do NOT have Cloud bring the rest back to life.

Now have Cloud use Knights of the Round and just keep miming it until
the Ruby Weapon kills you. When you come back to life, repeat the 
process until you've won.

NOTE: No matter what, do not use any limit breaks or regular attacks 
on Ruby. If Cloud becomes a toad, use white wind to heal him. 

Cast Any Spell Three Times 
To cast three magic spells in one round, first equip someone with a 
Magic Materia + "All" Support Materia. You'll also need Barrier Materia
with the Reflect spell learned. When you enter battle, cast Reflect on 
the entire party, (your party). Then cast the magic spell that was 
connected to the "All" Materia on YOUR party.
Even though you cast the spell once, it will be reflected and returned 
to the enemy hitting for three times! And for the same price of the  
usual MP's. What's even better is that if you have W-Magic, you can 
cast that spell twice, or two different spells (both need to be 
connected to "All" Materia) hitting for six times!!! 

Duplicate Items 
For this to work you need the W-Item Materia. This Materia is 
available at the excavation site. Search the bottom layer at a  
place that looks a little like someone scuffed an "x" in the dirt. 
Equip the Materia, and in battle use it. Select the Item that you 
want to duplicate first, then select any other item.
After you select the second item hit cancel, and notice that the 
first item has increased by one. Just keep selecting the item, and 
canceling till you have all you need. The only downfall to this is 
that you can only duplicate items that you can use during battle. 

Submitted by: Bang

You feel dizzy in battle metter, right?There is a way to make it easy.
First you must have limit: "Finishing Touch" or "Ominilash".Then turn it in 
ready.Equip yourself with mime and ribbon.Then fight.First use your limit.
Then mime it until you win.Don't roullete to break your Ribbon.When you 
finish your battle.You will still keep your limit.Then fight again to get 
more points if you want.(I belive no monster can live before it)he...he.

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