Flanker 2.0 Game Cheats


Although not a documented feature, pressing the V key will 
make your plane invulnerable to damage or enemy fire. 
Unfortunately, this cheat won't work in the sim's campaign 

Each of the default scripted missions can be "declassified" 
at the Mission Editor screen's pull-down menu. Although a 
password is asked for, you can leave this blank, because SSI 
has applied a null password setting here. Once the mission 
is declassified, you can edit it to your heart's content. 
(Tinkering with the Skills settings, for example, will allow 
you to enact the V key cheat and other newbie aids, such as 
"Hard Landings" and "Allow Recovery.") The campaign missions 
are still classified, but SSI plans to release the appropriate 
password for them at an unspecified future date. 

When linking up with other players for a cooperative 
multiplayer match, you can get a clearer view of each 
other's positions by turning on wingtip smoke with the 
T key. 

It turns out that the release version of Flanker 2.0 is 
incompatible with the latest set of 3dfx DX7 drivers. 
A patch may already be in place by the time you read 
this at SSI's dedicated Web site.

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