Fleet Command Game Cheats

Never send just one plane anywhere; fights will be
better if you send a pair of fighters, even when 
identifying unknown craft.

Lead your air assaults with HARM missile-equipped
planes. These missiles hone in on the enemy's active radar,
taking it out and shutting down the enemy's air defense.

Years ago, the U.S. Navy taught its tactical-action
officers (the folks in charge of employing a ship's weapons)
to "shoot, shoot, look." You should do the same. Fire two
missiles at any incoming target. Wait to see the result, and
then fire again--if necessary.

Swarm. Don't attack with a Harpoon here, a Maverick
there; hit the bad guys with everything you have. There is a
much greater chance of destroying your target if you swamp
its defenses.
Stay cool. Don't use your radar or activate sonar until
you are in battle; otherwise, you'll give your position away.
If necessary, send a ship (called the picket ship) ahead of
your task force. Order this ship to light off its radar.
Hopefully, it will discover the waiting enemy; of course, it
might also discover ten cruise missiles headed its way--but
hey, life's full of little surprises.

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