Football Manager 2006 Game Cheats

Tactical Variation:
Submitted by: Haspa

To be successful on this game, it is recommended that you have at least two 
different formations that you can use in the course of a match, such as a 
4-5-1 and a 4-3-3, etc. 
This will enable you to switch tactics easily during a match when things aren't 
going according to plan, and will therefore save you a great amount of time over 
the course of a season.

Switching formations regularly can also help confuse the opposition, especially 
those who employ man-marking strategies on your key players. If one of your star 
players has been quiet throughout a match, try changing his position in order to 
trick your opponents - this can gain you a crucial upper hand.

Submitted by: dj_oo

if you are the manager of a small team like (ex.) steaua bucharest in your 
first transfer window make yourself some budget (about 700000000 mil.) then 
when you reach the 2nd transfer window try these players : GK Diego (flamengo )
,D: cristian nasuti (rive),emiliano dudar(train him as a striker and he wil 
score a lot of goals), cristian alvarez(river) , do not sell mirel radoi in 
2 years he will make around 7 mil. ,chiquinho(internacional, great winger ),
jersson amur gonzalez (america de cali),george ogararu, razvan rat (sahtor). 
M : milovan mirosevic(racing club(argentina)),giovanny hernandez(colon), 
fellype gabriel(flamengo),ale (juventude),chavdar yankov(slavia sofia), 
nicolae dica , gabriel bostina.ST: add a new manager at corinthias. select 
carlos tevez set transfer status "transfer listed" and at squad status select 
"not needed by the club"(he will whant to leave the club) he will scor at 
least 2 goals per game, nikola zigic (red star) is an exellent header he 
may not look to good but he will score very much, if you have the update 
you will see VICTORAS IACOB as a luxury reserve for nikola zigic , also 
andrei cristea will be an exelent ST on counter attakc ( very fast),
lebohang mokoena and pablo vitti are wonderkids and very cheap . 
In august 2006 (transfer window), add new manager at inter select 
LUIS FIGO :P make him "transfer listed" and "not neded" then change 
user and offer Figo a player/coach contract (you must have a serious 
budget :P )he will play for you at least one year (at least 2 assist 
per game) , do the same thing with rivaldo(cadiz) he wil also play 
for at least one year (you wil not be disapointed, trust me I know). 
adiran mutu , cristian chivu are exelent players for a small team . 
I use this squad and I dominate every competition with steaua bucharest. 
I forgot to say , DO NOT LET FIGO TAKE THE PK`s he will give you a heart 
attack damn that guy misses the penalties . Try them and you will see your 
team on top of the world rankings in a few years . good luck

Double money for player:
Submitted by: conner54

After you have agreed to an amount that you would like to sell your player for, 
the final screen before the acceptance reads: set to sign for . The "Accept" and 
"Cancel" buttons are also displayed. Just before you press "Accept", save the game. 
Exit, re-enter, and load up the game. After you have done this, accept the offer. 
The money you receive will be doubled than agreed. 
Note: This was done with v6.0.1 70473.

Submitted by: calum pringle

If you go chelsea you get 92m transfer budget so buy leo messi 17m 
(young and brilliant) ,Rivaldo 5m (hes 33 but play him attacking 
mid he always scores), kris boyd 2,5m (play him every game and he 
gets at least a goal a game) garry o'connor, derek riordan, david 
murphy and scott brown all from hibs for about 20m , they are all 
young and superb. ps: dunfermline for the cis cup

Great Championship Players:
Submitted by: SaintsFC

Jim Hamilton FC- Motherwell
Gussepi Rossi FC- Man U (loan)
Antti Niemi GK- Southampton 
Darren Powell DC- Southampton
Chris Barid DR- Southampton
Theo Walcott MR/FC- Southampton
Christophe Jallet MR- Niort (French Wonderkid)
Kirk Broadfoot DM- StMirren
Hope this helps!!

Submitted by: Branislav Djipanov

I want to have cheat to my player score minimun 2 goal in every match.
like:Trezeguet-Give him to play only second half and he will score 
minimum 2 goals.

Submitted by: SFC4Ever

Christopher Jallet- Great DM/DR starts value at 12k 3 seasons 
later worth 5M!!! He is a must buy

Submitted by: Nguyen Huy Binh

Manchester United: I often use this tactic and win in most of my games:
In the first 15 minutes, use 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 attacking formation, passing 
direct and to both flanks, increase the tempo and pressing,etc... with 
the quick attack. I usually have 1 or 2 goals. Then turn your tactic in 
to normal tempo, counter attack, or 4-5-1 def. like Chelsea:). 
With this, I became world-class when won all in my 5 first matches with 
Arsenal,Chelsea,Liverpool,Blackburn and Birmingham.

Some player are tipped to be new stars, like Vinicius->Carlos,Nilmar->Ronaldo 
(Brazil), and many more you can find. This information is displayed in 
player's personal menu. The other young talents are Vincent Kompany and 
Anthony vanden Borre (Belgium),Lee Martin + Pique + Rossi from ManUtd.

here are some excellent players:
Submitted by: mysterious man

andy tod from dunfermline, he will cost around 10 million but will score you 
a denfinite 5 goals a game shuan delear,is cheap and will score 200 goals in 
3 seasons cobbler mcgrath he is from mali and basically costs nothing and from 
midfield score around 20 goals a season.
good luck from the mystery man

Submitted by: Rajic(Kambelovac)

If you playing with Liverpool buy French wonderkid Christophe Jallet and 
African wonderkid Lebohang Mokoena.Set the mentality (in tactics)to attacking,
passing short and creative freedom rarely.With this tactics i won European 
Champions Cup,FA Cup and League title

Hint: Easy money:
When you start a game as Chelsea, you have a lot of money. A good tip is to buy 
Adriano, as he is brilliant, even though he is expensive.

Add a manager for Chelsea and buy a reserve player from the team you are managing 
for all the money Chelsea has. When the player is signed, retire from football. 
You can do this with Manchester United as well. Do this twice with each club and y
ou will be rolling in cash.

Hint: Game editor:
Open the game via the start menu. Note that under the icon used to launch the game 
is an editor. Click on it. When the editor starts, select "File", "Load Database", 
"Server_db", "People", "Edit", then "Create Person". You can also do this with team, 
stadium, etc. However when done using "Team"", the league you want will not work.

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