Fox Sports Soccer '99 Game Cheats

When in Amateur mode, don't try a bunch of complicated 
passing instead, run like the dickens; if you zigzag to 
lose your pursuer, you'll more often than not end up in 
front of the opposition net or the recipient of a free kick.

If you figure you've got a pretty good angle on the ball 
carrier, try running "through" him without clicking any 
buttons. You cannot draw a foul if you don't attempt to 
knock him off the ball, and you'll often come up with 
it anyway.
After-touch, particularly at Semipro or Pro levels, is 
oh-so-important. One of the most effective scoring 
techniques involves bearing straight at the goalie, 
blasting the ball as hard as possible, then curving it 
on the way in. Gooooal!

Choose the Blimp Cam, then zoom out for a definitive read 
of the field. Results are much better with it than without it.

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