Freedom Fighters Game Cheats

Update by: Val Ufere
Submitted by: snoz0r

Cheat mode:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy 
of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "freedom.ini" 
file in the game folder. Add the following line in the file.

Unlimited ammo weapons: 
Enable cheats by finding the file freedom.ini in the game's folder 
and adding the line: 
EnableConsole 1 

Now during gameplay press ~ to get the console and enter a code below 

Code        Result
giveall     - get all weapons 
god 1       - Invincibility 
infammo     - Unlimited ammo 
invisible 1 - Get invisibility 

Various Cheats: 
During gameplay, enter any of these cheats... 

Result                 Code 
Unlimited Ammo       - IOIAMMO 
Shotgun              - IOISHOTGUN
Sniper Rifle         - IOISNIPER
Enemy Cannot See You - IOIBLIND
Ressurect            - IOIGOD
Full Charisma        - IOICHARISMA
Rifle                - IOIRIFLE
Rocket Launcher      - IOIROCKET
Heavy Gun            - IOIHGUN
Fly Mode             - IOIFLYMO 
Fast Mode            - IOIFASTMO
Slow Motion          - IOISLOWMO 

Get Liberty Island Stage:
Finish the game one time using any difficulty level

Submitted by: B.G

the winter revolt location, manhatten.
High school mission
at the begining of the mission you will see infront of you a trash box and 
on it there will be an aid kit climb on it then climb on the ventilation 
pipes until you enter the open window , go down the stairs and you'll find 
four fighters waiting for you.

Submitted by: pawandeep kanyal

In Tartarin assination, after killing Tatarin the best and easiest way to reach 
your boat is the river. So dive into water and swim toward starting point and you 
can get rid from fighting with soldier and save ur time but helicopter will follow 
you and fire on you so swim irregular. You can't start your mission from river as 
ladder near watchtower is broken and you can't climb up.


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