Frogger - The Great Quest Game Cheats

Submitted by: conner54

Avoid fish:
When a fish is chasing you in a pond, stream, etc., try not to look back. 
Keep looking forward and you will lose him after awhile.

Slick Willy's River Boat level:
In Slick Willy's River Boat (level 3), you have to ring a bell. Go to the 
front of the boat where about two or three steps are located. Go up to the 
steps, then go back slightly. Frogger will look up. Shoot the bell three 
times. All doors will become unlocked. Go to the very top of the boat and 
go over to Slick Willy (the alligator). Fight him and win. Defeating him 
is not difficult -- just go over and keep hitting or kicking him. You can 
now take his speed boat and go to the next level.

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