Gorky 17 Game Cheats

Hint on the Invisible Creatures:
Email: rhin0@yahoo.com
Submitted by: Rhin0

Near the end of the game you will fight a group of invisible creatures. Here 
is an easy way to find their locations: when your turn comes, see where each 
of your characters can move. If there is a spot in your character's move area 
that is not marked (with green), that is where you'll find a creature*. Now 
simply fire at that spot.
Note*: Sometimes you'll see a blank spot somewhere even if there is no creature 
there (it happened to me). I think you can avoid this by verifying that spot 
with two play

Hint on beating Messiah:
Email: rhin0@yahoo.com
Submitted by: Rhin0

Here's a hint on beating that elusive Messiah: Get at least one of your men in a 
position diagonal with the position of Messiah (right aside it). When your turn 
comes, move that man one square so it will stand directly in front of Messiah. 
Fire (it will be hurt this way) and then retreat to your former position. Repeat 
as many times as necessary.

Win Every Fight:
Star the game with the command-line parameter -760722. 
Press [Q] during the fight to win.
(for example "C:\Gorky17\Gorky.exe -760722") 

Submitted by: rickHH

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