Grand Theft Auto 3 [hints] Game Cheats

Submitted by: arun prakash

D-Ice's Infernus:
To get D-Ice's Infernus in the mission, Rigged to Blow, 
take the Infernus to your garage and there you go. 

BF Injection:
After you complete Asuka's first mission in Staunton 
Island,Sayanora Salvatore the B F Injection (which stands 
for Boyfriend Injection) is at Misty's Apartment in Hepburn 
Heights between the times 19:00 and 5:00. 

Dent Proof Sentinal:
In the mission, Bait, where the Colombian Cartels 
follow you to the Yakuza trap, carjack their Sentinal 
and there you go. Note: There may be dents before you 
steal the car but if you take it to Pay n Spray you can 
ram it all you want and no dents. 

Bulletproof Stretch:
In the mission, Salvatores Called A Meeting, the Stretch 
is yours if you can get it to your garage in Staunton I
sland by using the Dodo cheat. Note: This is the only 
bold black limo there is in the game. 

Mafia Rumpo:
In the mission, Under Surveillance, the Rumpo you must 
blow up isn't special but it's a Mafia Rumpo. 

Tank for Free:
After you complete the last mission, The Exchange, the 
Tank in Phil's Army Surplus is free. 

Bulletproof Cheetah:
In the mission, Turismo, the Cheetahs are bulletproof. 
Get one by running one over with a Tank and push it back 
to your hideout. Do it before the Triads get mad at you. 
This is very hard to do. 

Corpse Manana:
In the mission, Dead Skunk in the Trunk, there is a Manana 
where you can see blood leaking out of the trunk. 

Lots of Cars:
In the second part of liberty city, die. Now that you're at 
the hospital, go up the stairs and go to your left, then go 
right and keep going down the main road (this is the street 
with all those gang members with the blue trucks) until you 
reach the big white building -- it's a car parking lot. Say 
your car is all beat up, you can go into there and you will 
see all different colors of the car type that you drive into 
there. This works with anything but city service cars (e.g., 
police, firetruck, ambulance, etc). 

Bounce Baby Bounce:
Get in a Yardie Lobo, its a purple car with an off-white 
top and leopard print interior, and make it jump. It has 
a hydrolic system! To use it press L3, this makes all 
suspension go up or down. Use the right joystick to control 
individual tires, up and left for the front left tire, up 
for both front tires, up and right for the upper right tire, 
and so on. If the suspension is up when using the right 
joystick it will make the tire go down, if down it will 
make the tire go up. 

Marathon runner:
The hero in GTA3 gets tired of sprinting after holding up 
and shift down too long. To overcome this tap shift quickly 
and he will runner faster and longer than Forrest Gump himself. 

Unlock Staunton Island:
You have to complete the last Mafia Mission (by sinking the Cartel ship) 

Unlock Shoreside Vale:
You have to finish the mission from Donald Love in wich you 
have to kill Kenji of the Yakuza 

Prostitute Trick:
This trick works best in the Red Light District. Get any 
car, except for a police car, FBI car, Ambulance, Fire 
Truck or Taxi, and pull alongside the sidewalk next to a 
girl wearing a Brown or Pink outfit. She will walk over 
to the car and begin bending over, like she's talking to 
you. A few seconds later she will get in the car. Drive 
to a secluded area (or your hideout) and stop the car. Be 
quick about it, because your money will drain for the 
amount of time she's in the car. Once the car is stopped, 
it will begin rocking. It'll rock slow, then it'll get 
faster. Your health is replenishing, but your money is 
depleting. Using the prostitute, you can get your health 
up to a maximum of 125. When you reach the maximum health, 
she'll get out of the car. Now, if your feeling particularly 
cold-blooded, you can get out of the car, chase after the 
prostitute, beat her, and take your money back. 

Finding the fastest car in Portland:
Stuck in Portland and can't find yourself a good car? 
Head to the car dealership next to 8-ball's place and 
drive through the windows to find yourself a Viper! 

Make your car "fly":
With the code where the pedestrians fight, it along with 
the improved handling cheat can make the car "fly". When 
you are at an incomplete bridge, like if you haven't gotten 
to Shoreside vail from Stautan Island, you get past the 
barricades, and be careful not to floor it for too long or 
you will lose control (be familiar with the brakes.) But 
when you get to the straightaway, floor it and dont move 
the keys. When you are in the air with the descent pull 
the brakes back and you go even further and you land on the 
bridge - simply the cheats to get all places - except you 
can't save. 

Make you Tank really 'fly':
Activate both the improved car handling cheat and the people 
fistfight each other cheat. Then spawn a tank with the tank 
cheat. Hop into the tank and then twist your turret so that 
it is pointing towards the rear of the tank (180 degrees). 
When you fire the turret, it will propel you forward. Now 
find a straight piece of road and start firing. After about 
10 sec or so of constant firing, your tank will begin to 
lift off the ground. As long as you keep tapping the fire 
button, you will be able to fly your tank through the air. 
It's not easy to control, but with a little work you can 
master manuvering. Now the entire world is yours to explore. 
Caution: If you go really high, and really far out, it will 
cause your game to freeze. 

Bulletproof Patriot:
Complete the mission from Ray (the cop) on Stanton Island 
called "Marked Man" and you will recive the keys to his stash. 
This contains a flamer, rocket launcher and a lot of cash as 
well as a bulletproof Patriot. 

Monotov Cocktail (portland):
Go through the tunnel near 8 balls place and kill the 4 
tramps inside. Each of the tamps is carrying a monotov 
cocktail. (They won't throw them at you bu they will run) 

Rampage Sniper Trick:
For rampages in which you are required to shoot down other 
gang members with a sniper, if you release R1 after killing 
one and press it again after like a split second, more targets 
will appear on the screen. 

Car trick:
This is really a cheat, but more of an interesting thing 
I found. First park a car in the garage at your hideout. 
Go out of it but stay close enough to it that the door 
stays open. Before doing this, make sure you have full 
armor and health, plus a rocket launcher. Aim the launcher 
at the car and fire. You'll be propelled outside, but if 
you go inside the garage, the car will be good as new, and 
on occassion, a different car. 

Go to portland, and do all the mafia missions, get to the 
second level "Staunton Island." You might remember when 
you took Joeys missions that you saw a cool buggy kind of 
car. Well you can drive it. Go near your hideout, to the 
car park near pay and spray. The gang car park between 19.00 
and 00.00 its parked on the right. It does get damaged, but 
its engine is cool! 

Blood in German version:
If you have the German PAL Version of GTA3, select English 
on your playstation2 as your default language, and also 
choose English as your game language (default is German). 
After having done this you will notice that people getting 
shot bleed like hell, unlike in the censored German version, 
where there is no blood at all. 

Mission Cheat:
Before you accept the "Fuzz Ball" cheat, go to the shipping 
shipping docks. Near there you will find two tour busses. 
They will enable you to pick up alot of girls at once. 

Get rid of all cars:
To get rid of all cars, including cops, FBI, and all normal 
cars driving around, excluding mission cars, and parked cars, 
just creat about 10 tanks with the tank cheat, for some reason 
the game will not load traffic and your free to do as you 
please on empty roads! Use the distroy all cars cheat to undo 
this cheat. 

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