Gunbound Game Cheats

250000 gold:
Send all your items to RxDiO, and then battle some one, and you will 
have 250000.

999,999 gold:
Submitted by: calio

if you want 999,999 gold send all your items to gorex if your done go battle 
somebody in a team and win then you have 999,999

Submitted by: conner54 

Display the console window, then enter one of the following codes.

Result                                      Code 
Connect to indicated game number          - /go   
Display console commands                  - /h  
Display function key commands             - /key  
Ignore indicated player                   - /mute   
Kicks indicated player from game          - /kick   
List ignored players                      - /mutelist  
Restore all ignore players to normal      - /loudall  
Restore ignored player to normal          - /loud   
Send private message to indicated player  - /msg  

Submitted by: X-Gunbound Administrator

1,000,000G-- This will tell you how to get 1 million g without doing any work. 
In order to get this you have to send all your avatar to GunProvider, in the message 
box put "pass(8362048) input(ava71) output(1,000,000G)". Gunprovider is the main 
database for gunbound. It will think you are an administrator and will give you the 
million G.

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