Half-Life - Existence Game Cheats

General hints:
Don't waste bullets on destroying objects.  
Use your knife.  This includes windows, grates, 
wooden boards, and such.  Saves on reload time, 
ammo, and is generally quicker.

Speaking of the knife, it HURTS.  If you can get 
sneak up on someone, knifing them is a quick way to
catch them a dirt nap, ESPECIALLY if they do not 
have armor of any sort.

Be stealthy.  It's imperative.  Map the "walk" key 
to a convienent key, and use it often.  Good players
will listen for footsteps, and be ready for your 
attack.  Walking eliminates the footstep sound!

If you are Dr. White, don't go taking insane risks.  
Your team has to rescue you if you die, and that
is a major inconvenience for the Rebels, since 
the Agents will usually stake out the area of White's

When you die, you come back as a civilian/swat member.  
Sure, you only have 10hp, but the handgun can do damage, 
and the knife can simply wreak havoc.  Don't underestimate this.  
Also, deaths are NOT counted when you're a civ/swat.  So, go crazy!

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