Halfway and End Monsters Game Cheats

SNAIL: Shoot at eye, avoid mines
ALIEN: Shoot eyes at either side at top. Scroll back and shoot centre eye
SPIDER: Destroy as much web as possible. Fly down to face spider and
       fire continuously.
CRAYFISH: Travels in figure eight. Stay below and fire in its face.
SNAKE: Attacks from left of screen.
DRAGON: Shoot the side head's first, then tail, then main head.
HEAD: Shoot both eyes, avoiding laser fire and extending tongue. Shoot
      at head when tongue goes in.
TANK: Use missles
GRAND SPACESHIP: Shoot all cannons until totally destroyed.

ITEM                  COST   COMMENTS
Advice                 200   Only useful after Level 1      
Speedup                500   Essential to survival          
Half Health            500   Restores half your energy      
Autofire               500   Needed if joystick has none    
Nashwan                600   10 Seconds of sheer heaven     
Full Health           1000   Restores full energy           
Rear Shot             1000   Very effective on later levels 
Small Mine            1000   Useless                        
Side Shot             1000   Cannot be used with Rear Shot  
Electroball           1200   Too sensitive to control       
Power-Up              2000   Double bullet size             
Large Mine            3000   Useless                        
Double Shot           3000   Recommended on later levels    
Cannon                4000   Effective when using two       
Dive                  4000   Waste of Money, but fun        
Missles               4000   Weak to start with             
Laser                 4000   Awesome when using two or more 
Drone                 4500   Two slow                       
Flamer                5000   Extremely limited range        
Bomb                  5500   Limited range but powerful     
Extra Life            6000   You'll need lots of these!     
Homers                6000   Four slow but powerful missles 
Protection            6000   Doesn't do much                
Bitmap Shades         6000   Darkens Screen - useless

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