Hearts of Iron Game Cheats

Update by: Harm
Update by: adi
Submitted by: conner54

To enable the cheats you need to be in gameplay(singleplayer) and press 
down F12 to bring down the console.

In the console write the following: (the only once I found so far)

Code           Result
coal         - Gives you coal
steel        - Gives you steel
rubber       - Gives you rubber
oil          - Gives you oil
manpower     - Gives you more men to slaughter 
supplies     - get 10000 supplies
nuke         - get 1 nuke
escorts      - more escorts 
war          - everyone wants war 
nowar        - AI doesn't want war 
di           - Diplomatic influence set to 500 
nolimit      - troop building limits gone 
norevolts    - AI revolt toggle 
nofog        - Fog of war toggle 
handsoff     - Auto event pause toggle 
difrules     - Invincibility toggle 
fullcontrol  - control all nations toggle 
showid       - province ID toggle 
event 1013   - More industrial capacity 
transports   - More transports
event 1014   - lowers or raises dissent level upon decision
ships 202    - more ships
event 1012   - You'll get a free upgrade

Submitted by: Harm

When playing, you cannot always declare war on another country, because you are a democracy. 
Now there is a little trick: Save the game when your troops are ready to conquer a country. 
(Place them around the border) Then load and change your country to the country you want to 
attack. Start the game and then declare war on the country you were playing first. Save, 
then change the country in your old one and attack. You can do this at any time and also 
remove some troops by disbanding them.

Submitted by: Harm

***GhosT UniT***
Sometimes you send some troops into a territory where there aren't enough Supplies. 
When they ''die'' you see a tank with the number 0. Pause the game and change the 
commander of the tank with the number 0. Then send him to any territory you have to 
conquer, without the tank getting interrupted by enemy units. He will travel then 
with twice speed of an airplane and capture all territories very quikly. But when he 
stops moving he will disappear. Very handy when you have to conquer very much little 
Islands who are Keypoints :D

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