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Result                 Code
Full health for crew - [Right Ctrl]+[Shift]+[H]

Submitted by: rickHH
 1) Buy the shotgun from the gun store
 2) Go an heist the first 4 trailers in the top right 
    hand corner and the trailer in the wreckers yard
 3) Now go and buy the lock picks and crowbar from the 
    hardware store
 4) Go and heist the pharmacy (I found that most of the 
    time you could get a way with it - but don't worry 
    if the alarm goes off and you get heat)
 5) If you have heat wait for the cops - then shoot them  
    (there appear to be a finite number so you should be 
    able to get them all) Use the medikits you heisted 
    from the pharmacy if your health gets low. NB if you 
    managed to heist the pharmacy without setting the alarm 
    off go and heist one of the wooden shack in the corners - 
    this will give you heat.
 6) Once all the cops are dead, pick up the money they drop.
 7) Go an heist the bus station
 8) Now you should have just over $2000 so go and get the 
    Electronics dude from the motel
 9) Case the bank and then heist it - it will give you 
    about $5000
10) Go and heist the gun store and hardware store
11) go and hire the gun guy from the top left corner
12) If you have time left do the remaining stores
13) Make sure you AND ALL the team are on the bus before 
    12am otherwise you will need to do it all again

Get $7000 in stage 1:
I think the best thing to do in stage 1 is: 

1. Rob the drug store and all the houses(except the 
   bank),that will give you 4 first aid kit. 
2. that gives you about $2400 dollar which is enough 
   to hire the hacker in motel before that goto 
   hardware store and buy everything there(ie. lockpick...) 
3. rob the bank with that guy, the alarm won't go on at all. 
   that will give you $5000 dollars 
4. goto the house on the far east and hire the last guy , 
   then get on the bus. 

That clear stage 1. 
P.S. No need to buy any guns in stage 1 coz when u rob the 
store in stage 2, u will get a few pisols.

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