Hired Team Game Cheats

Update by: wakuchciak

Your hints for Hired Team are from www.gamewinners.com

Easy kills:
The Impulse Rifle kills in one shot anywhere on the body. 
To get it, go to the top floor using the middle lift and 
jump off the end nearest the Impulse Rifle. You should 
just make it. Quickly jump off there because your enemies 
can easily see you.

Body armor:
You can get Ballistic Armor by going to the top floor and 
jumping off the edge nearest the doorway. Go through there 
and the armor will be on the right-hand side. There are 
extra rockets to the left.

Easy wins:
You can win the match easily by gaining the Rocket Launcher 
from the first floor. Then you can just stand on the top floor 
and keep shooting at your opponents from the side nearest the 
lift (not the middle one). Enemies spend most of their time there.

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