Hogs of War Game Cheats

Enter one of the following names. 

Effect                        Name 
Team Lard and level select: - MARDY PIGS  
Promote pigs                - NAUGHTY PIGS  
View FMV sequences          - PRYING PIGS  
Bonus FMV sequence          - WATTA PORK  

Extra promotions:
Successfully complete the game one time, then start a new 
game to have 250 promotions available. 

Destroying vehicles, pillboxes or artillery:
When you are attempting to destroy vehicles, pillboxes or 
artillery, an excellent way to do so is to have a pig with 
a flamethrower (Pyrotechnics have them, level 3 heavy weapons 
soldiers, or they can be used in multiplayer mode). Walk it up 
close to the intended target. Face the target, and let rip with 
the flamethrower, so all the flames hit the vehicle, pillbox 
or artillery. It should suffer about 102 to 108 points of damage. 

Attack with jetpack:
If you have jetpacks that you do not need, walk up to an 
enemy and turn around so you are facing directly away from 
your target. Equip a jetpack, and aim directly upwards. 
Fire the jetpack, and then release it after about two seconds. 
The enemy will suffer a maximum of 20 points of damage from the 
blast caused by the jetpack hitting the earth, plus any additional 
damage caused according to where the pig lands. Your pig should 
land safely by parachute, but try and make him land on an enemy. 
If you can do so, you will inflict 1 point of damage. 
You can repeat this as many times as needed one turn, providing 
you have enough jetpacks and do not suffer damage yourself  
using a jetpack does not end a turn.

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