Homeworld - Cataclysm Game Cheats

Submitted by: rickHH

There's usually no hurry to end many of the missions, 
even after you've accomplished all the objectives. 
Take the time to have your Workers collect all the 
remaining resources, because you can use them in the 
next mission. Use time compression to speed the harvest. 

Fighters are crucial early in the game to defend against 
other fighters; you can even take out smaller capital 
ships by swarming them with enough fighters. In the latter 
part of the game, concentrate on building more powerful 
capital ships, and use multigun frigates to protect them 
against enemy fighters. 

Use the sensor manager to give orders. You don't need to 
drop into 3D mode until the fireworks start. 
Then sit back and enjoy the show.

Cheat Code for Money:
Submitted by:Steve & Georgi

Start the game and save it at the start. Exit the game and find the 
savegame directory.
Use a Hex editor and look in the save game for the hex value "D0 07".
I found this value at A2844. Change the 07 to FF and you now have over 
65000 credits to with what you wish. 

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