Id4 - Independence Day Game Cheats

Enter one of the following player names at the main menu. 
Then, press [Ctrl] + [Right Shift] + 8 to display the 
cheat menu with the corresponding options. 
Each player name will select which options appear on 
the menu.

Player name  Options 
LIVE FREE  - Invincible  
TOURIST    - City, Tourist, Demo cam, No time  
FOX ROX    - Select level  
MR HAPPY   - Select plane  
GO POSTAL  - Damage bonus, Weapons, Fast reload  
KIWI       - Select level, plane; Invincible, Weapons, Fast reload  
GODZILLA   - Kill civil, Kill wing  
KYRA NR    - All options  
BRENDAN QR - All options  
DOOFUS     - All options  
GREG FM    - All options  
SCOTTYWAR  - All options  
ROSA DUONG - All options  
COCO       - All options 
RADARMY    - All options  
DAB DAB    - All options  
TRI S      - All options 

The fast reload option allows missiles to be rapidly fired. 
The damage bonus option allows aliens, generators, and vehicles to be 
destroyed with a single shot. 
The weapons options allows your plane to have unlimited firepower. 
The kill civ option allows civilian ground targets to be hit. 
The kill wing option allows you to shoot down your wingman.

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