Imperialism 1 Game Cheats

Mega Goods
Start game and save (remember which slot 0 thru 7).
Record amounts of horse, cans, cloth, wood (make sure you use
some before saving or your goods mix will look just like all 
the computer players).
Convert amounts to hex (in 4 character groups ... 15 = 000F)
Exit from game and use hex editor to search until you find
an exact match to your goods.  If you search for a code string
of 3 or 4 goods you'll get to the right address quicker.
The sequence of goods amounts in the hex editor is as follows:

cotton wool timber coal iron horse blank cans cloth wood
 xxxx  xxxx  xxxx  xxxx xxxx  xxxx 0000  xxxx  xxxx xxxx

paper steel blank shirt chair hammer cannon grain fruit meat
 xxxx  xxxx 0000  xxxx  xxxx   xxxx   xxxx   xxxx  xxxx xxxx

when you find the match, go ahead and edit your values.

there is some maximum value you can set (you can use at least
upto 05FF (1535)

The address locations appear to change after each save but the
order is the same

If you use this along with the money hex edit codes, you should
be in tall cotton.

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