Inca 2 - Wiracocha Game Cheats

Game Tips:
1. If you find yourself pitted against the large number of
enemies, the best defense is to eliminate as many as possible
with the more powerful but inaccurate weapons: First use the
atomic bombs then the nuclear torpedoes.

2. Use the IA missiles only when there are very few enemies
attacking you.

3. If you have used up your atomic and nuclear weapons and
there are still many enemy fighters attacking, I found the
gun more useful than the IA missiles. I fired the gun in
bursts of about ten counts at a time, pausing only to get the
gun back up to maximum fire power. I did this while sweeping
round and round past the two planets again and again until I
could pick off the last of the enemy with the IA missiles.

4. When you are asked to fight or to go directly to the
planets, choosing fighting will decrease the number of
enemies in the final combat. This is _definitely_ the
preferable thing to do. If not, you may find the final space
combat is your final act in the game!

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