Kartoffelpuerre Game Cheats

From: "Matthias Hofmann" hofmann@anvil-soft.com 
One inputs "GURKENKRAUT" in the main menue, which 
correct input by a Jingle acknowledged. Now can one the 
start level select, by keeping one of the number keys 1 
to 5 (not on the digit block) pressed in the start picture 
with pressing the dummy key. 

In order to apply these, one must go into the interior 
opinion of a plot. There one can avail oneself of the 
following combinations of keys: 

Strg + F1: All Klos of the plot is set on the optimal price. 
Strg + F2: The state of research with flushings is increased 
           by a level. 
Strg + F3: The state of research with eyeglasses is increased 
           by a level. 
Input in the main menue  " STECHGINSTER ",
which correct input acknowledged with a Jingle.
If you start now a new play, getting assistance of
unexpected place by you the key "scroll" press
(this key is with most keyboards in the highest series,
between " printing " and " break ").

The function can by renewed pressing of mentioned
key be switched on and off.

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