Legacy of the Kawasaki Family Game Cheats

There are 19 endings in the game, and over 50 
pictures in the photoshop. Check the values in 
the "FLAG3" file first: if the beginning says 
"ALLPIC.MES", and byte $6B is already $11, then the 
photoshop has already been maximized. If it hasn't, 
or all the endings aren't showing up, change bytes $61 
through $6A to the value $11, except $63 can be $10 and 
not miss anything. Now change $6B to the value $01. 
When you next run the game and view the entire photoshop, 
you will get a final screen with a Japanese text phrase, 
and the FLAG3 file will be modified to maximize the 
photoshop. There are other ways of getting to see only 
some of the pictures, but I figured you can always ignore 
the boring stuff if you are guaranteed to see ALL the adult 
stuff as well. Note that any changes to the FLAG3 file 
require a binary file editor.

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