Lego Racers Game Cheats

Turbo Boost At Rocket Racer Run:
Submitteed by: john

When you do the first turn left get a red powerup 
and shoot the door where you could turn either left 
or right.It will open and you could see like a portal.
Go in and you will get a turbo boos.

Submitted by: Guy Brown

Create or edit a driver in build mode. 
Enter one of the following driver names at the make 
a license screen to activate the cheat function.
The cheats are only available in test drive mode and are 
not available when playing a circuit. 

Cheat                              Name
Rocket car                       - FLYSKYHGH  
No wheels                        - NWHLS 
No chassis                       - NCHSSS  
No driver                        - NDRVR  
Maintain speed off track         - NSLWJ  
Reversed Rocket Racer Run track  - LNFRRRM  
Shooter attacking power-ups only - PGLLRD  
Mine power-ups only              - PGLLYLL  
Turbo power-ups only             - PGLLGRN  
Grapple power-ups only           - RPCRNLY  
Power-ups always at maximum      - MXPMX  
Turbo mode                       - FSTFRWRD  
Disable all cheats               - NMRCHTS  

Imperial Grand Prix shortcut:
At the beginning of the race, get a bomb, but do not use it. 
Enter the tunnel, and when you see the barrels, drive up 
to them and fire the bomb at them. 
This will open up a new road. Drive on it, and you will ride 
it for a short time before you fall back onto the normal 
road, ahead of many racers. 
Note: Only the bomb or the wand will work on the barrels. 

Magma Moon Marathon shortcut:
Begin the race and get to the point right after the 
flaming objects shoot up in the air. Drive all the way 
over to the right side to find a blue power-up. 
Use this power-up and look at the strangely shaped, 
flashing wall. Go through it to the other side. You 
will end up at the clear dome. This shortcut can be 
used only when the blue power-up is active.

Submitted by: nathan breakwell

on desert adventure dragway shoot the phinx between the feet and proceed 
through the passage which will be thier if done correctly.

on amazon adventure alley at the start drive through the waterfall you 
will come out into a cave go through the cave and you l be back on the track.

Submitted by: kinsat159753

my cheat is for lego racers. on magma moon marathon. get a blue and 
start it when you are about to go through the first gate. on the first 
lap near the dome look at the pannel. then on the second run go through 
thoes collered gates in that order to open the dome. also on the second 
run look at the pannel for the next set so you can do it again.

2 white blocks 1 green in this order gives you a super boost and takes 
you to first place.

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