Lemonade Tycoon Game Cheats

Submitted by: Gho Vinsen

Special Recipe:
Sugar :3
Ice   :3

Recommended recipe and prices:
On warm days, the correct lemonade recipe is 8 lemons, 4 cups of sugar, 
and 3 ice cubes. When it gets cooler, remove some ice cubes from the recipe. 
When it gets as cold as 10 to 20C, lower the price to at least $0.50. 
Only buy the ice in the amounts that you need, as it is only good for a day. 
For the other supplies, always buy in bulk when you are low on them. This will 
help you in the long run. Invest about $3.00 per day on advertisements; people 
will visit your stand, but the lines will not get so long that customers will 
leave. To move up to the next level of rent, adding a 0 to the daily rent. 
That will tell you when it is appropriate to move up. Buying new accessories 
is very helpful, but some are very expensive and are not worth your money.

Easy money:
To get easy money, start the day and press "Skip". 
Note: The outcome is random and you will still need supplies. 
Do not put anything in your recipe. The sales may be slow for a few turns, but 
you will soon be raking money in.
To make money easily, use absolutely nothing in your recipe (0 lemons, 0 sugar, 0 ice). 
However, you will still need to buy cups. It is also recommended that you do not rent 
anything. Stay in the suburbs. Also, if you want to advertise, you should probably do 
it for $1.00 to $3.00 per day. Whether you advertise or not does not really make a 
difference. If you want to upgrade, the only things that are worth it are the freezer 
and the cash register. 
It is very helpful to put nothing in your recipe. This can make you a lot of money if 
you built up a good reputation and popularity, but if you do this too much, eventually 
the satisfaction goes down and you will go from having over 50 cups sold a day to only 
about 14 to 18 on a very good day, or perhaps about 4 on a cold day. 
This happens because people do not like the recipe, because it is just water. 
If you use this trick, then do it until satisfaction is down about half way, then build 
it back up and do the same thing again. Also, you can find your satisfaction and 
popularity on the "Rent" screen, directly under the picture of the current area you are 

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