Liberation - Captive 2 Game Cheats

Submitted by: conner54
First, find a hardware store, a place that sells viewcams, 
mappers, etc. Split off one of your droids and talk to the 
shopkeeper, making sure he is at the "Buying Stuff" part of 
a conversation. Switch back to your cluster of other droids 
and fire one shot at the one talking to the shopkeeper. 
Switch back to the speaker and end the conversation by clicking 
on the mouth, and then say "Thanks, bye now!" Regroup your 
droids and talk to the keeper again. All the expensive city 
mappers, viewcams, radar units, and anything else you plug 
into the droids, will now be reduced to 10% of their original 
This doesn't work all the time, so try a few different things, 
such as instantly ending conversations by running away, or just 
using one droid to talk and then leave without buying anything.

If you hang on the Data Crystal after completing 
the first mission, you can use it to find the 
other captives on all the other missions without 
having to hunt around for clues

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