Madden NFL 2006 Game Cheats

Submitted by. DJNJ

From the Main Menu > Go to "My Madden", Then Madden Cards and then select 
"madden Codes' and enter the following Codes.

Card                                                          Code
All stadiums                                                - 555128
Classic teams                                               - 614897
3rd Down (Opponent has 3 downs to get a 1st)                - Z28X8K
5th Down (Get 5 downs to get a 1st)                         - P66C4L
Bad Spot                                                    - N44D6E
Bingo! (+75% defensive interceptions)                       - J33I8F
Coffin Corner                                               - L96U8Z
Couch Potato                                                - P39I7J
Da Bomb (infinite pass range)                               - B61A8M
Da Boot (infinite field goal range)                         - I76X3T
Extra Credit (Points for interceptions and sacks)           - M89S8G
First and Fifteen (Opponent must get 15 yards for 1st down) - V65J8P
First and Five (1st down yards set to 5)                    - O72E9B
Fumbilitis (Opponents fumbles +75%)                         - R14B8Z
Hands Of Glue                                               - R18C5K
Hands Of Stone                                              - W18R6P
Human Plow (Break tackle +75%)                              - L96J7P
Jam                                                         - E53G8W
Lame Duck (Opponent lobs passes)                            - D57R5S
Mistake Free (No fumbles or interceptions)                  - X78P9Z
Mr. Mobility (QB cannot be sacked)                          - Y59R8R
Ouch!                                                       - Z15F9Z
Passerby                                                    - T67X6R
Penetration                                                 - J83E9V
Pocket Protectors                                           - G97L1J
QB On Target                                                - E65S6M
Super Dive (Diving distance +75%)                           - D59K3Y
Toast                                                       - H11X2G
Tight Fit (Opponents uprights narrow)                       - V34L6D
Time Out                                                    - Q83L6Q
Touchy                                                      - Y68G7D
Unforced Errors (Opponent fumbles when jukes)               - L48G1E
Wind Gust                                                   - P13Q7V
Worker's Comp                                               - H89Q4Y
Donovan McNabb Gold Card                                    - 5E8H1A

Interview questions:
In NFL Superstar mode, make sure to choose your answers to interview 
questions wisely. The answers will affect your personality type and 
most endorsement companies want a player with a more conservative 
personality type, such as "Team Leader" or "Professional".

Get a "Gold" in one of the following tasks to unlock the pennant:

  #3 - All-Madden Chase and Tackle drill
 #16 - All-Madden Pocket Presence drill
 #28 - All-Madden Coffin Corner drill
 #36 - All-Madden Ground Attack drill
 #40 - All-Madden Precision Passing drill
 #52 - All-Madden Swat Ball drill
 #58 - All-Madden Clutch Kicking drill
 #96 - All-Madden Trench Fight drill
#194 - Chase and Tackle drill
#195 - Ground Attack drill
#197 - Clutch Kicking drill
#199 - Swat Ball drill
#208 - Pocket Presence drill
#209 - Trench Fight drill
#210 - Precision Passing drill
#211 - Coffin Corner drill

Getting good players:
Submitted by: Haspa

Use the following trick to get a great team in franchise mode without a 
high salary cost. Start a new franchise. Pick a team. Do a fantasy draft 
and pick all the worst players. Then, release all of them and make your 
team from scratch, through create-a-player mode. Once done with the height, 
faces, etc., do not change the attributes. Save the player and sign him. 
Once you sign him, go back to create-a-player. Select his name and change 
all his attributes to maximum. Repeat this until you have a stacked team. 
The reason that all the worst players were selected is to keep you from 
having a high cap penalty during the next season. Note: This will take a 
few hours to complete.

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