Mail-Room Madness Game Cheats

Submitted by: conner54

After installing the game, you will notice that the folder, 
GamePack01 (which contains all the levels that come with the game), 
contains a zipped file called ''. This file contains 
solutions for all the levels, in the form of recorded keystroke 
files that can be played back. However, it requires a password to 
unzip it. To find the password, simply go to our website and sign
our Mail-Room Madness User Log. We ask for very little personal 
information; we just want you to visit our website and hear your 
comments about this game. Once you sign the Mail-Room Madness User 
Log, you will be given the password to unlock the file. 
The address of our website is: 
Signing the User Log will also give you a few other secrets, such as how to 
increase the number of undos available in the game and how to see secret 
messages in the level editor.

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