Maniac Mansion Game Cheats

There are FIVE possible ways to complete this adventure; 
this solution works with Dave, Syd and Bernard, and should 
provide insights into solving the other variations.

In all rooms you must open the door and in many you must 
also turn on the light, neither of which is pointed out in 
this solution.

Don't use the flashlight or the batteries will run out 
(though you can find  more!). To find a light switch in the 
dark, select "WHAT IS" and scan the room by moving the cursor 

There are TWO ways to escape the dungeon. If two kids are 
trapped there, place one in front of the door and have the 
other push the loose brick just below the LEFT window to 
momentarily open the dungeon door. Quickly switch to the other 
kid, who will have just enough time to run out. The other way 
is to use the rusty key.

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