Master of Orion 2 Game Cheats

Build Instantly:
At any of the planetary screens, after choosing to build something, 
hold alt and type "CRUNCH" and it will be built immediately. 
You will know you have done it correctly when you hear a beep 
and "1" appears in the Time to Build space.

Submitted by: Indra Permata Dinda

Enter these cheat codes while holding down the ALT key on the starmap. 
Be careful when using the iseeall code as it can change your race stats. 

Code          Result 
CRUNCH      - completes your building project  (type in colony screen). 
EINSTEIN    - gives you all technology. 
ISEEALL     - omniscience. 
MENLO       - Allows you to finish your research 
MOOLA       - gives you $1,000 
canbonly1   - CPU players all against you              
score       - View player's current score                 
events      - No random events                            
allai       - Random character personalities/increased AI

This is a tactic i called NINJA STRIKE:
Submitted by: pegasus

armed a ship with "time warp fac."and "phasing cloak" and a fast hitter 
weapon (beams,stellars,black holes,etc)(in my choice i prefer black hole) 
the trick is when using phasing clock enemy cannot see the ship however 
when you use the ship to attack the cloak turns off, but with time warp 
facilator, on the first turn attack the enemy, on the second turn just 
do nothing. Now after you had done nothing the phasing cloak will turn 
on, thus the enemy cannot attack you.

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