Navy Strike Game Cheats

1) When there are lots of simultaneous engagements, 
stay in the command position. If you're out gallivanting 
with your pilots, you may return to some nasty bleeps on 
the radar screen or, even worse, a message telling you why 
you have been fired.
2) Don't send missions over well-protected enemy 
positions. Instead, set the mission waypoints to skirt 
around them.
l Ground vehicles can be used as mission waypoints so 
your planes can home straight in on them as they attempt 
to scurry away.
3) Keep your planes at as high an altitude as possible 
to avoid anti-aircraft fire.
4) If you want to bomb a ground target yourself, send a 
reconnaissance aircraft to film it first and then view 
the target using the camera icon on the command screen. 
You don't want to accidentally blow up innocent civilian 
buildings, do you?
5) Even though your task force can defend itself against air 
attack, your job is to keep the enemy away at all times. 
If you can't, you won't last long as a commander.
6) Prepare your mission flight paths and gather all your 
information and reconnaissance as soon as possible, because 
when things get going you'll need your attention on the enemies' 
units and not on your own.
7) Keep one eye on your combat air patrol planes, because if 
they're chasing enemy aircraft, they can fly off over enemy 
territory and be shot down by SAMs.

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