NBA Live 1999 Game Cheats

Type "PLAYGROUND" at the Team Select screen before 
any game to activate the Playground Court.

Type "ILOVELAG" at the Main Screen, the click 
Multiplayer for the secret Internet setup. 
Enter the "Rosters" screen and select the 
"Create Custom Team" option. Then, enter 
one of the following locations and team 
names to activate the corresponding team 
that consists of members of the development 
Location  Team Name  
EA        Europals  
Hitmen    Coders  
Hitmen    Earplugs  
Hitmen    Idlers  
Hitmen    Pixels  


Tip 1:
Learn and use the passing game; often the defense 
misses that one guy under the hoop. Pass it to him and 
you'll get a dunk. Play keep-away the rest of the time.

Tip 2:
The fast break is a devastating momentum shifter 
(not to mention a reminder of the Lakers of the late 
'70s and early '80s).

Tip 3:  
It is often fairly easy to draw fouls; just keep 
trying to spin around the defender. If you make it, 
then drive for the hole; if not, move back suddenly 
and catch the reach-in foul. Hey, two points from the 
charity stripe count just the same!

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