Omikron - The Nomad Soul Game Cheats

If you have the feeling that you're about to enter a 
first-person combat environment, take a few seconds 
to call up your SNEAK and gulp down some food to boost 
your energy. 

In hand-to-hand fighting mode, deliver several quick 
punches followed by a kick. If you get knocked down, 
quickly tap an action key to get back up and continue 

Pick up and examine everything, no matter how trivial. 
If an object or document points you to some location, 
then go there (you might end up attending a subversive 
in-game David Bowie concert!). 

The fighting mode requires more defensive maneuvering 
than what you may be used to in a traditional action 
game. Take quick shots, then sidestep out of the way. 
Use your Crouch key whenever you find yourself behind 

As with old-school adventure games, you'll want to take 
notes--there is no "auto journal" feature, so keep a pad 
of paper handy to record any useful tidbit of information 
that you get from conversations.

Free advice:
Go to the save point, and save the game, then buy advice. 
Read the advice and quit the game. Load the saved game 
and continue. 

Spell list:
Truth Spell
Forces a liar to say what he or she knows. Mix a Wiki and a 
Dead Man's Tongue in a Beshe'm. 

Love Spell
Makes a woman fall in love with you. Mix two Sham Testicles 
and nine Mouse Teeth in a Beshe'm. 

Invulnerability Spell
For temporary invulnerability. Mix a Virgin's Blood and a 
Tear or Ether in a Beshe'm. 

Unmask a Demon Spell
Forces a demon with a human appearance to reveal his demon 
form. Mix a Sham Horn and Dew Of Light in a Beshe'm.

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