Operation - Matriarchy Game Cheats

Submitted by. conner54

set ai_disable 1 Prevents the enemies from moving or attacking 

set cg_drawFps 1 Graphical Frames Per Second displayed on-screen 

set cg_drawTarget 1 Show information about an enemy or object that 
is within your targetting reticle. 
This one is neat; it will show you which body 
parts you are aiming at, such as Head, Arm. 

set cg_drawWeaponStats 1 Display statistics about your weapons fire, 
such as the Number of bullets fired, damage 
dealt, etc 

set developerMenu 1 Enable the Developer Menu items 
adds extra options in the Main Menu system and 
other menu's. However, the extra options seem 
pretty worthless. 

set god 1 Enable God Mode 
This one is a bit strange. 
Attacks from enemies will still damage your 
armour, but not your Health stat. 
Also, if you or an enemy explodes a Red Box 
which is very close to you, it can still 
instantly kill you. 
It is still useful though; you can stand in the 
middle of 6 enemies who are shooting the hell 
out of you and not die or lose health. 

set physics_disable 1 Disable the laws of Physics 
Rather useless, because it prevents both you 
and the enemies from moving at all. You can 
rotate/pivot around with the mouse. If you 
kill an enemy, it will still stay standing up. 

set r_debugVis 1 Show Debug Information about meshes and such 

set r_debugVisBox 2 Show Debug Boxes (like wireframe) on objects 

set showNavForPlayer 1 [unknown] 

set wheelSpeeder 1 [unknown] 

1. Always make a backup copy of your game file(s) first: 

2. Edit the following file in your favourite text editor, such as Notepad: 

That is of course a path within your installed game directory. 

3. Change any of the lines as shown above to enable the cheat effects. 
You are just basically changing the last character from 0 to 1 to enable 
an effect. 

4. Start the game. 
The cheats you chose are enabled.

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