Panzer General 3D Assault Game Cheats

This was used in the Blitzkrieg Campaign. In the 
first scenario of the campaign save the game before 
doing anything. You should have about 500 prestige 
points. Exit the game.

Using a Hex Editor open your save game and go line 
00002D80. It should look like this:
00002D80   0100 0000 0000 0000 0000 0200 F401 1400.

The offset F401 is the 500 prestige points. 
Change F401 to DAD6 to get 55000 prestige points.

Be very careful when advancing. Use recon units or aircraft 
with eagle-eye leaders aboard to pick out enemy units so 
that you don't run into them and get ambushed. 

Always use fast armored units to get through enemy lines 
and maul enemy artillery units before you start your main 

Always leave one fighter over your vulnerable infantry to 
block enemy aircraft trying to soften them up.

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