Pearl Harbor - Zero Hour Game Cheats

Submitted by: nightraider

Unlock Extras:
In the mission selection screen, click on the little 
black shadow that looks like a plane on the right part 
of the screen to unlock 3 special planes and 1 special 

Secret Planes:
Click on the very small plane dot a little more than 
half-way down on the right side of the Select Mission 
Screen.This will get you all secret planes...including 
the Raptor,Flying Saucer...and so on.Enjoy!

Extra Points:
On mission 6 go near the top of B3 and you will see an 
island. Destroy the tree on the island and it will say 
enemy Bill Mooney's favorite tree destroyed +500 points!

On the 3rd level you should be at the same altitude as 
the Japanese Airplanes. How you can tell if your the same 
altitude is the arrow's!if the arrows are green your on 
the same altitude as the planes! if the arrows are red and 
are pointing down go up until the arrows are green. 
If the arrow's are red and going up go down until the 
arrows are green.

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